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We offer dine-in, delivery and takeaways. Call us at 9977177 to order. 

About Us

The story of thoum...

began with a big juicy bite of Mandhy Chicken and a sip of steaming hot sweet Arabian team seated in a historical city in the Middle East. 

the best of middle-eastern cuisine

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Thoum's story is one of positivity, dedication and passion for what we do.

It would have been impossible

to get where we are without the love we have got from our loyal guests, who visist us time and time again for our pots of special tea, our perfectly grilled Syrian Shawayah, flavourful Ful and Shakshouka to name a few either on warm sunny day enjoying the sea breeze from the beach or under the starry sky on our terrace.

We hope to

continue the story of Thoum adding interesting chapters filled with our job in celebrating food and our love for providing delectable food with exceptional service.

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Thoum Male Maldives


h. veyovilla
majeedhee magu
male, maldives
call us at 9977177 for takeaway and deliveries!
OPEN DAILY 8am til 1am
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